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The MOJ is headed by the Attorney General and Minister of Justice and deputized by the Solicitor General & Legal Secretary. The Ministry currently consists of  six Departments, and these are: Criminal Division, Civil Litigation, Legislative Drafting, Registrar General, Companies and Curator of Interstate Estate. Sector Policy is designed to respond to and be reflective of the objectives, strategies and regulatory mechanisms, designed to ensure the progressive development of the legal sector and the promotion of justice in a coordinated and considered important by stakeholders resulting from consultations with them and incorporation of the relevant strategies contained in the Judicial Reform Strategy in the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP II) which details the Legal Sector Policy Goals.  The sector policy is linked to the Vision 2020, the PRSPII and the MDGs.


“The goal of Vision 2020 is to transform The Gambia into a financial centre, a tourist paradise, a trading, export-oriented, agricultural and manufacturing nation, thriving on free market policies and a vibrant private sector, sustained by a well-educated, trained, skilled, healthy, self-reliant and enterprising population, and guaranteeing a well-balanced eco-system and a decent standard of living for one and all, under a system of government based on the consent of the citizenry.”       

To achieve this vision, it is imperative that there is an enabling environment bolstered by a functioning legal and judicial system which ensures domestic and foreign investors security of their persons, investments, sanctity of contract and effective and speedy remedies under the business laws.

To this end, Government recently enacted a new Companies Act 2013; Single Windows Registration Act 2013; The Competition Act, 2007.

With the assistance of the World Bank, the Ministry of Justice and the Judiciary commissioned a study of the legal sector culminating in a Legal Policy Document called “The Legal Sector Strategy”

Given the ad-hoc nature of the various initiatives taken to address some of the challenges facing it, the Ministry of Justice is convinced of the need for a legal policy and strategy which would allow for a more structured and coherent framework for aligning its activities with development goals of Government as articulated in its Vision 2020, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and the PRSP II.

For the legal sector to contribute effectively to the attainment of the MDGs, the objectives of the PRSP II and ultimately of Vision 2020 requires an enabling environment bolstered by a effective and efficient functioning legal and judicial system that is very clear in its overall strategic intent.

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